How to fix Epson printer port error

Printing needs to keep on increasing day by day as the business grows. Nowadays, multiple task printers are available in the market. You can use printers at home, business purposes, etc. Many companies manufacturer printers but Epson printers is the top-most choice of the customers. The Epson printers are environment-friendly. cost-effective, provide quality of print-outs, excellent productivity, and a lot more. Although Epson printers perform printing exceptionally well still people may encounter new challenges every day. Epson printer port error is the most common issue that people usually face. If you want to get rid of printer port error, feel free to call at epson customer service helpline number for instant help.

Troubleshooting Steps

• You need to right click on the Taskbar and then move to the context menu to select the option “Start Task Manager”.
• Then, select the processes tab and search the name of Epson Port Handler Service File. The service file is look alike “EpsonPOSPort.exe” as it will mainly depend on the Epson model and its software configuration. After that, write down the service name.
• Then, move to your desktop and click on the Start button, All Programs and select Accessories.
• After that, right click on Command Prompt and go to the context menu to select the option “Run as Administrator”. In the command prompt window select that you have to type the command i.e., “sc delete (Epson Service Name)”. Click on “Enter” after entering the command.
• Then, you need to reboot the operating system.

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